Truth Bomb ...

I always knew i was not born to pay bills and die.

(and I'm pretty sure you feel the same way) 

That's why all the time I was doing a job that didn't feel right for me, I never gave up on my dream of designing a life that was aligned with my soul purpose.

So why did I start my business?

To empower spiritual women entrepreneurs to make money by sharing their unique gifts with the world. 

Because financial abundance = freedom.

(And I'm not afraid to shout it from the roof tops)

Conscious women entrepreneurs who desire to make a shit tonne of cash will change the world. 

Make more. Give more. 

So, wherever you are right now in your life and business, you're meant for more. Much more. 

Mediocre is not you. 

You know it too.

Are you with me?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.
— Marianne Williamson

So what was my journey?

I started out wanting to be an astronaut. I spent hours studying the night's sky as a child from my bedroom window in Dublin (Ireland, that is). The magic of the unknown bewitched me. It still does.

I never did go into space but after leaving Ireland I manifested some incredible opportunities in the world of international fashion that I had been dreaming about as a child.

I worked at some dream fashion establishments including British Vogue,  Burberry in London.  

I dreamed of working for these companies when I was a kid. But when I got there I knew it wasn't going to be enough.

I wanted more.

At the age of about 4 in Limerick City, Ireland. I did love posing! 

At the age of about 4 in Limerick City, Ireland. I did love posing! 

I wanted to start working my unique Light and soul purpose.

Working in fashion back in 2010 in London.

Working in fashion back in 2010 in London.

This path to remembering my light and my soul purpose wasn't an easy one. For such a long time I pushed and struggled. On the surface in fashion it was all very glamorous and beautiful, but underneath I was nowhere to be found. Moving through the depressed, medicated motions feeling everything and nothing. Eating crap food from cartons, drinking anything and everything, hanging on to toxic relationships. Then in 2012, everything stopped. I was plunged into a darkness so bleak, the only way out was committing to discovering my light and purpose. 

That's the only way the universe can wake us up to our own light, by turning off all the ones around us.

In discovering my own light, I met my great love for this life (Jason... he's totally incredible). Then moved to Paris (yes really...after 3 months of dating. When you know, you just know) and began to write about sustainable fashion for magazines and newspapers, while working full time at an international organisation.  

Writing is such a huge part of my life. It fills me up and nourishes me on so many levels. I can access my truth in writing. It just pours out of me and calls me to keeping growing. 

The one day in 2013 while surfing the web (instead of working). I discovered coaching. BOOM!!

It was the greatest "ah-ha" moment of my life. THIS WAS IT! 

Speeding forward to today I have a thriving coaching practice and I'm doing work that sets my soul on fire (feels soooo good!). 

I've learnt to TRUST the darkness and know that with faith and a keen eye, you will see your stars align and guide you to exactly where you're meant to be.  



// A few extra Gems:

  • When I became a mother my striving days were over in an instant. I realised that the greatest thing that would ever happen to me was this. Everything else is just a bonus now. 
  • I've got two pugs: Henry & Peggy. They bring me so much joy. (They also make some cameo appearances on my Insta-feed... everyone appreciates a pug, no?)
  • I've been travelling and moving about since forever. New York, Rome, London, Paris for various stints. Moving away from Ireland didn't so much as change me, but rather called on me to remember exactly who I really was. It was the most potent form of change, because it revealed the Truth of who I really was. My love of travel is why I wanted a location independent business. 
  • My wedding was the greatest day. I can hardly think about it without welling up!
  • My friends at university used to call me the "Wise One". Finally it all makes sense!
  • I love a crystal, oracle cards, essential oils, scented candles and pretty things that sparkle. I'm always moving towards the light. 
  • I'm a total wine and cheese nerd. After living in Paris it was bound to rub off. (You should have seen our wedding!) 
  • Maria Callas - what a Goddess. Even writing her name makes me feel good. 
  • Being by the sea, especially on the west coast of Ireland.  It reminds me of my heritage. (Ps. My grandfather was a sea captain) 
  • My spirit animal is the wolf and I'm a Virgo.... and yes I love organisation. And TO DO list making - especially in my diary. I'm a pen and paper gal at heart. 
  • I have my Reiki level 1 & 2. I'll be a master yet. This was a real gamechanger in my spiritual development. Powerful, knowing, tender, healing

When I'm not coaching you will most likely find me...

...caring for my gorgeous boy, snuggling up on the couch, hanging out with my besties, busting out some serious tunes and keeping my vibes happy and powerful, having an essential oil bath, listening to all that the silence reveals, reading or writing. 

I can't wait to get to know you better!

All Love, 

Emma xo