Go Deep

 Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Go Deep into yourself, 

Inwards, inwards, inwards, 

perfectly formed and magnificent 

you too are a miracle

Awaiting, rising, knowing 

believe, your soul wants you to expand,

expand into the light,


rising, rising and to be MET

you only have to believe that you are more, so much more than you perceive

I am waiting for you to stretch and open inwards to the heart, 

into your soul

to the dark places.

There is nothing to fear in the dark, it’s where the beauty lies

In the stillness of your soul, open up. 

You are not your riddles or rhymes,

but times. Past times.

Be Here Now, 

you beautiful creature of the dark

and in that darkness unfold into the endless light 

Breath, and feel 

this perfect moment.