Your Joy, Pain and Relationship to Transformation & Goddess Kali

We were all born to expand and experience great change. It's part of the deal we made when we decided to do this thing called life/human experience (whatever you want to call it). But it's all to easy to forget this at times when we feel like things are falling apart or 'together'.  

So as this change moves you closer to who you really are, what are you experiencing? Joy? Pain? Either one is still a blessed teacher on how to live, how to love. How to walk fearlessly in the truth of your own greatness.

Joy is your only responsibility in this lifetime. So keep moving towards that.

Do whatever makes you feel joyful. Like bustin' a move to Beyonce in your kitchen or chair spinning in your office listening to the Pina Colada song. Whatever makes you feel joyful... just do that! Let joy sing it's song through your heart and into every cell of your body. Trust me... you will feel amazing!

A note on pain. Don’t be fooled by your pain’s disguise as a debilitator. Underneath, it’s a teacher. A teller. A servant of truth that demands your attention. You’ve called it forth to teach you something that you have been overlooking.

Your pain is trying to love you in the only way it knows how.


So love it back, cry it out, give it thanks and let her give you her gift of transformation. 

And then enter Kali - the Goddess of Transformation, Destruction and Transcendence. 

She comes to us in a fire. As Sally Kempton describes her in Awakening Shakti: “More than any other goddess, Kali has the power to free you from what keeps you stuck…. She appears fearsome to those who fear letting go of their veils, but when we’re open to her power, she is the mother, the teacher, the Lover.”

The first time I saw her she scared the bejasus out of me. But, on deeper study I came to realise that to me Kali is about freedom and love.

So what’s demanding destruction in your life in order for you to transform and become more FREE? You probably won’t have to think about this to long. The real question is how are you going to do it, and when? 

Destroy. Go. Begin. Transform. 

Move closer to Freedom. 

So what needs destruction and transformation in your life in order for you to move forward? Please share in the comments below. Make this your first action step and help to inspire others to do the same.

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With love,