Drop Your Pace

It's been a very hectic month. Much more hectic than usual.

Jason and I don't piss about. When change is called for, it's called for in a BIG way.  

(We decided to move to Paris like this...

Jason: "Hey, you know what Em.... I think we should move to Paris."

Me: "Cool.... let's do it. But Henry needs a passport." (That was my only resistance!)

Jason: "Ok, let's get that pug a passport and hit the road."

Me: "Boom!!" )

We left London four weeks later in silver Ford transit van. Pugs bundled up in their crate, surrounded by records, house plants and a few suitcases.

"Fuck it.... I've got some savings in the bank. Let's just do this", said Jason as we zoomed past Haggerston park and towards the channel tunnel. 

Hearts full of anticipation, and the kind of fear that was calling on us to be better; bigger. I knew it would change us forever. 

That was in 2012 and my heart still aches for Paris now that we have moved back to London. Longing.... that's what it is. 

But, when you know you are meant to live a big life, you have to know when it's time to say goodbye and move on, even if it hurts. Whether that's a home, a city, maybe even a relationship. 

Everything is all soul experience anyway.  

This got me thinking about our current move. When you are in the thick of deep, soulful change (like moving house, growing a business, starting new jobs AND planing a wedding all at the same time... yes... crazy, I know.) It's so easy to loose sight of the experience and the lessons that you called in for your higher good. 

Instead, the default reaction is getting stressed out, overwhelmed then pushing through. All these things make you feel like shit, disconnected and pinched off from the flow. 

This week what I decided to do is PUSH BACK, or as Henry reminded me yesterday when he stopped in his tracks, DROP YOUR PACE yo'. (He's just so wise that little bear!)

I don't want to miss the details. Those beautiful little nuggets of soul transformation. 

I also don't want to long for the experience and the moments that are missed because of an untrue story I've woven in my head about a "should do".  It's way too easy to do that. 

I know you are a passionate, stylish, soulful, go-getter type and that you struggle with fitting it all in (job, health, partners, kids, family, you-time) and at the same time try to keep everyone happy (by-the- by, that last part is total BS... you can't keep everyone happy, only yourself. Start there, then everyone around you will feel happy = life transforming). 


This week how are you going to Drop Your Pace?

What can you do differently to step out of overwhelm and into the flow?

Please share with us in the comments below. Let's help each other feel more empowered and bad-ass every day!

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With so much love and gratitude,

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