So you want more time to do what you LOVE most? Then repeat after me...

It's a beautiful day here in North Norfolk and the sun has been shining all day. It's also warm. That means summer is on the way, woop woop! 

I was going through lots of jam-packed notebooks and journals this morning and it struck me that the last 12 months have been by far the most creative of my entire life. I've had so much space to just breath, create and write; write, create and breath. After living in Paris, moving to the countryside was exactly what I needed to move to the next level. Let me explain....

Jason and I have always been city people. Always. So much so, that the initial thought of moving away from the city filled us with so much fear and doubt.

Would we be able to survive the D-I-S-C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N?

After 12 months the verdict is in, we didn't just survive, we THRIVED. 

The disconnection was exactly what we needed to reconnect us to everything we really wanted. To get into alignment with what was True, and then bring it into reality. And it's all happened with such lightening speed, we can hardly keep up! The universe is always dealing us in. Sweet as a nut. 

Then it hit me like lightning.....

One of the reasons why I’m so passionate about health coaching is just like our move to the countryside! My coaching is designed to create a disconnection, and then reconnection to a better frequency. Stick with me here......My coaching allows the good stuff and "Ah-Ha!" moments to rush in. Then, BOOM!  You get clarity and eventually this leads to healing, weight loss and overall better, glistening health. True story.

Now think about this. We are all so c-o-n-n-e-c-t-e-d to social media, email, calendars, deadlines, commitments, To-Do’s that we are tuned into a frequency of 'Must-Do' rather than 'Want-to'. 

"But I just don't have the time to do what I want "......... Am I right? ..... Wrong. You abso-bloody-loutly do. You just gotta' learn your new mantra. "No." (If you're like me you can go old school and sing it Destiny’s Child style!). 

When I started saying this one word more and more, everything changed for me.

Saying "No" to everything that wasn’t serving me anymore, brought me everything that did. Perfectly. 

You must learn how to say a big freakin' “Hell No!" to the non-essential 'Must-Do’s' to create time for all your 'Want To’s'.

So, take a look at your life? What can you say “no” to, so that you can do/create/be what you LOVE most?

Now if you want a professional to get you on your “No” game, I’d be glad to help. In fact, I have a very limited number of coaching spots left for my next programme.

If you’re game, you can book in with me for a free initial consultation here

Now, I’m off to make a green smoothie (It’s this one here!) and then walk the pugs. Have a beautiful afternoon and I’ll see you again next Wednesday.

With so much love and gratitude, 





PS. The real conversation happens in the comments below. Go on take the first step. Tell us in the comments what your sacred "no" will be to create more space for what you LOVE to do most.

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