Holding out for the Real Deal

Don’t settle.

Stop rushing to create a mediocre version of the Real Deal.

Participate. Get in the game, even if you feel like nothing is happening. 

Trust me. It’s happening. 

Delays, slowdowns the “why is is taking so fucking long??!!” 

This is the path to realising all that you are worth. All that is laid out before you. 

Your anxiety is just your declaration of faithlessness.

Your dreams want to come true. 

They want to be made real. 

Life wants you to win. 

It loves Bravery. Believers. Persistence. Lovers. Soul-Shakers. 

Your Soul is calling for you to Wake-up. Get-up. Show-up. 

More than this body. 

You are oceans and stardust. 

Honour yourself and your deeper knowing that the calling of your souls purpose is Worth. Waiting. For.

Don’t settle for second place. Second best.  

Don’t believe the nay-sayers,

The non-belivers,

Those that are ok with mediocrity.

You know better

Because you are better

You are greater. A changemaker. 

Decide to hold off. 

Resist nothing. 

Life wants you to win. 

Hold out for the Real Deal.

Pick yourself up off your padded floor of disbelief.

Your soul needs your ethereal desires made real.    


Until next week, keep going. You're on the right path.

All love,