Choose Joy, and ride that wave.

I've never cried this much because of so much JOY. 

The truest part of me was aching with Joy and Love. It was a longing, a reminder for me to never forget that this is the way it always has, and will be. 

"How could I have forgot?" I thought to myself on Sunday night, sobbing. 

It's so easy to forget just how much love is all around us in every direction. Through you, from you, for you. 

It took this incredible expression of love to make me realise just how much. 

Wow, what an amazing understanding. BOOM. 

Watch my very first VLOG to find out what I'm talking about!

The photo I promised you...

JOy, Joy, JOy

Please share with us in the comments how you are going to feel as much joy as possible this week.... (It could be anything from a salsa class to washing your dog!)

If you feel called to do so, why not share this with all your friends. 

With so much love, 

Emma x


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