Love, Love, Love

The heart wants, what the heart wants.

It’s the only truth you need abide by, and the voice you can count on to always have your back.
It took me a while to cultivate the voice of my heart (versus the mean girl in my head) and to follow through on the guidance (Inspired guidance + action = fulfilling your desires). 

"Take a chance. Do IT! Go!"

So, I did. I took a chance, on Self-Love first and foremost. 

In it’s very essence, self-love is empowerment. It’s the willingness to want to take up space in the world, to be recognised, worshipped and adored (and no, that has nothing to do with vanity!)
If you want to empower yourself, your daughters, your sisters and all the women in your life - cultivate self-love. 

Do it right now, this second (and absolutely invest in support if you need too... Yes, your health and happiness is worth the money).
I started out on my journey to self love in the only way I knew how - I pulled myself up and out of the ruin, and I began to nourish my body, mind and spirit with lots of delicious healthy foods, exercise grounded in self-love (Yoga) rather than self-loathing (the gym). (I’m not knocking the gym here btw, It’s just that I used to use the gym as punishment, rather than from a loving/self-care place.) As well as recommitting to a spiritual practice (this has by far been the most beneficial thing I've ever done for every area of my life.)
When I finally realised that I was worthy of Love, and self-Love was what I'd been missing all along, that’s when the doorway to all the loving experiences opened up. A loving relationship, incredibly loving and supportive friendships, a career I love…. you see where I’m going with this, right?

Love changes everything

So fill your life with everything you love, fill your own cup with so much love you are bursting to share it. The more you are Love - the more you will receive. 
Like attracts like.

Love attracts love. 

Will you share this will all your friends and family, then leave me a comment in the box below? What will you do today to becoming more self-loving? (Ps... I reply to all my comments :) love you guys!) 







Ps:  I want to share with you how I went about transforming my self-Love story and how I can help you do the same. If you want to schedule a complimentary 1:1  work your light breakthrough call go here now. Let's talk it out over a skype tea :)