S - T - O - P.

There is nothing to find that you do not already possess. 


There is nothing you need to become that you are not already. 


You are in possession of everything you seek. 


When did you start believing you were already less than complete? 


You are so intoxicated with your feelings of unworthiness you forgot your sacred mission. 




That’s your mission. 


To Love yourself completely, then Love others in the same way.


This will put your back on your path, this will bring you back into your Light, into alignment. 


So you want to find Love, then BE Love. In every action, every word.  


Your thoughts, words and actions are prayers for more of that.


Make them of Love, not fear.  


Today, start with a practice of self-devotion. Everyday find a way to worship at the altar of YOURSELF. 


Be very aware of false idols. They will trick you into servitude, repentance and exchange.  You do not need to exchange anything to get closer to the Light. 




You just forget sometimes. 


All love 

Emma xo 


PS: So tell us in the comments below, what way are you going to worship yourself? (In whatever that means to you!) xx

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