Just say "YES"...

I know I “should” go to bed right now, but I’m not going to should all over myself. So, I won’t.


It's late, but I gotta share.


This is my life’s work: coaching and spiritual real talk - to you. But it took a massive hell "YES!!" and courage to get to this place.


Today (and this whole week especially) I’m being followed around by the word, “YES”.  


I’m all about the word “No”. Nothing more sacred than boundaries, but “YES” brings so much more fear.


It’s the word that scares the crap out of us more than “No”, because a “Yes” requires us giving up all that we thought we were, to become all that we know we are.


"Yes" to doing it and investing in yourself (even if you had to beg and borrow the money!), "Yes" to your refusal to settle for anything less than “SOUL ON FIRE”.


Yes to your worthiness (you are sooooo worthy).


I’m sharing all this with you today because I’ve seen so many of you put things you want off, put others first, spend that money on “practical” things. Hoping that there will come a perfect moment when you will have the time, money, courage to say “yes” to yourself and start.


There is never someday, there is only unlimited NOW’S waiting on you to make the first move or say the first word to get started (And you thought it was the fear of rejection and failure holding you back!)


Don’t let your inevitable success and the realisation of your wildest dreams scare you into saying “no” for a moment longer. One word and you’re on your way “Yipeeeee”!


Now I want to hear from you in the comments below! What are you going to say "Yes" to? 

All love

Emma xo 


Ps. Want to say "YES" to manifesting miracles in your Life and investing in your dreams? Then grab a complimentary coaching call with me here and lets talk it out.