Money Honey


No other word seems to cause such a stir of emotions quite like it (maybe apart from the word sex). 

So what's the big deal. Why all the fuss? 

Do you really believe that it will be withheld from you?

Do you believe yourself so unworthy that the Universe would conspire to keep you out in the cold, out of love, out of abundance? (Ps. It’s all connected and flowing from the same source) 

How wrong you are. 

What keeps you in the cold, pinched off from the never-ending stream of abundance that is constantly trying to flow into your life… it's YOU. 

Where and why did you start believing that you were unworthy of the riches that the universe is trying to pour fourth into your experience? 

Imagine this: waking up every single day to END-LESS abundance flowing into your life. Love, Connection, Wealth, Freedom.... 

That’s your birthright, but you keep yourself separate from it, simply because you believe yourself unworthy. 

So, do you really want to receive the abundance you keep asking for?

Then you must take steps in the direction of healing your broken flow.

Create a new set of beliefs, reframe, reprogram, because EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE IS ALREADY YOURS. 

You just need to claim it. 

Know that you are worthy of this abundance and it will surely flow. 

For you are as worthy as any Goddess. 


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All love

Emma xo