Get off the Fence

Sitting on the fence feels safe. 

You're protected from all the possible failures, rejection, broken hearts, late nights, aches, pains and desperate tears of growth. 

The inevitable cracking open of your heart and the spilling forth of your deepest desires into the wide open world. 

You, laid bare - the nakedness and vulnerability of declaring what you want to the world. 

The fence is safe. You can avoid all of the above. 

Maybe you're even standing behind the fence and you're not even sitting on it yet. Or worse, you think you're in the Game. 

But all you will create from sitting on the fence is nothing. 

There is NOTHING happening for you from the fence.

The universe hears your calls, prayers, hope and dreams from there. But it cannot help you manifest anything when you're in a state of paralysis. 

The miracles happen when you declare this - 

Fuck it. I’m IN. In the fucking the game. I’m in to get my ass kicked. In for feeling shit scared, but doing it anyway. I’m in for change, in for transformation, in for taking inspire action in the direction of my dreams. 

I’m done with the mediocre AND STRUGGLE. I’m done with oblivion. 

I want to work my Light and share it with millions and make millions, to share it with millions.  My deserving heart wants EVERYTHING it wants. 

As if by magic, then you're seen - lighting up the world like a supernova. Your soul on fire declaring your intentions to the One. 

Then watch as the barricades dissipate - all the resistance subside. 

Yes to Alignment. Yes to ease and flow. Your fierce heart starts creating serenity, passion, commitment, abundance all in the name of fulfilling the deepest calling of your soul. 

Like gasping for air - a deep inhalation after being submerged in the unknown and discomfort of denying your Light.

I’ve got only one question for you. 

Are you happy on the fence or do you want to be the Game?

Trust me. The Game - manifesting your dreams - is when all the magic happens.


Please share in the comments your thoughts on getting off the fence! 

All Love, 

Emma xo 


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