Protect your open - Open - OPEN Heart

You and me - we’re the same.

Open hearted, full of feeling, light working #spiritulbossbabes.

There is one side effect of feeling so deeply - your beautiful precious heart is so susceptible to experience incredible pain.

But, the good news is we feel so deeply for a reason. We are here to start a revolution in the hearts of others.   

I feel suffering of any kind every day with various side affects; it makes me ache, burst into tears in a split second, and have a visceral stomach churning feeling, like I want to throw up.

The first time I remember feeling that way was when I was about 5. I was watching a TV show about the US space program. They started talking about how they used animals before they sent people to space. (I’m already starting to feel uncomfortable writing this now. But I’ll keep going in the interest of going for the Light).

The image that was BURNED on my mind, was that of a little chimpanzee fixed into a wire frame and sent into space.

I completely lost my mind - I was hysterical and it sent me into a FULL BLOWN panic attack. It was the first time I remember fully experiencing the deep pain of suffering. It was, and still feels like pure agony, when I think of it.

Suffering of any kind animals or humans has an intense affect on me. (I’m clairsentient and I FEEL things really deeply.)

Walking around in a world where FEAR is propagated and actively nurtured in the hearts and minds of those around us is so poisonous for sensitive light workers.

I have to work on protecting myself everyday - otherwise I would be a basket case, curled up the corner of my room and never leave the house!!

This week I want to remind you to PROTECT your open - Open - OPEN heart. You are so gentle with a glorious spirit and a huge mission.

Be watchful of any people who would have you believe, stories and give off energetic frequencies that are full of fear and BS. Things like theres not enough of anything to go round, change is impossible, everything is too expensive, all the good ones are get the picture, right? 

You'll know they are talking crap because it will make you feel bad and pinched off from the flow.

Instead, focus on spreading Light and starting a revolution on want to see in the world.

Maybe you want to see more compassion towards animals, more people adopting natural health solutions in the home, more women celebrating self love, more education for girls in the developing world. Share your vision in the comments below!

You have the power to move an entire ocean of fear with one spark of Love.

So start shining!

All Love

Emma xo

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