The Hustle is Spiritual

This is something that A LOT of spiritual women entrepreneurs won't admit to...but I will never BS you. 

Theres an underlying feeling in the world of spiritual entrepreneurship that admitting out loud to working your ass of and building a financially abundant business is somehow unspiritual. Perhaps a little bit capitalist. I want to set the record straight here...

Growing a business and/or creating a new life on YOUR terms takes a shi*t load of hustle and hard graft. 

It takes saying “NO” way more than you say “YES”`, to every decision that you are faced with everyday (business and personal requests on your time). If it’s not moving you closer to your monthly & yearly goals, it’s moving you away from them. 

But, it’s not spiritual to hustle, right? 


There is nothing more spiritual than going after and living out your soul purpose with such ferocity and fire, you will let nothing or no one stand in your way from doing so. It’s how you activate the magic in the universe. 

The hustle is Spiritual. 

When everyone else is clocking off at 6pm for summer cocktails and canapés - you're still in meetings, with clients, creating content, meditating, teaching, family time, connecting…. making your dreams real.

On a side note, spiritual hustling for me involves a massive amount of self care to support all of this. If I’m not consistent with my nutrition, fitness, relaxation and spiritual practice - everything stalls and then I’m in Burnout Town.  

Burnout = Stalling. I hate stalling. I love creating too much. 

If you want to create a massive change, a massive business, or even a massive bank balance; start saying “NO”, get your head down, invest in yourself, get uncomfortable, take massive action, schedule self-care and DO> THE> WORK.

What's your Spiritual Hustle like? Tell me in the comments below.

All Love,

Emma xo  


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