I now wear my crystals on the outside.

I found my way back on the spiritual path in 2012 after years of resisting it. 


I blocked out the voices of my calling when I knew what I came here to do as a teenager. 


As a child, hours would pass when I was reading everything I could get my hands on about meditation, angels, tarot cards, crystals, rune stones, everything.....I was reading it all.  I'd go to the new age stores to hang out and add to my crystal collection. 


I always had the knowing that my true path had something to do with writing, teaching, mentoring and speaking about spiritual teachings as a way to bring other across. 


When I turned 17 I started to shut down that part of myself. I hid it away. I was scared of what others would think of me. 


So I chose to blend in and silence that part of myself. To try be "normal". 


I did that for 10 years, until the whole facade came crashing down, in a brutal way.


It was all Grace. 


In 2012 I had to embrace who I really was for my health and happiness. I bought that little rose quartz crystal and wore it on the inside of my clothes for 4 years. 


I'd also like to be really honest with you now. For the last five years, I've still been hiding this massive part of me away.


That was until NOW.


I'm ready to risk the ridicule and scoffing that comes with stepping into alignment. 


2017 is the year when I've decided to surrender to what I've been called to do and embrace the gifts I've been given. 


I'll wear my crystals on the outside. I'll admit that I can channel spiritual teachings. That I can communicate with energies on the other side. That I could see angels as a child, and that ability is returning. 


I want to start sharing with the world that the only Truth is Love. Nothing else is real


When you return to the Source, there is unending Light and a feeling of Love that goes beyond anything I can possibly describe. 


I'm passionate about spirituality, women's empowerment, collaborative business and natural health. I also believe in creating lots of space in life for fun, joy, creativity, music, nature, travel and peace. 


I'm calling all women everywhere who are ready to step into their Light and out of the spiritual closet. Embrace your unique gifts that you have and share them with the world. 


Our time is now.

Let's do this.

All love, 

Emma x