Your work IS sacred

When I left the fashion industry I cracked because I could no longer give a crap about “stuff”, or so I thought.

I had a full on existential crisis.

“Is this all there is? Am I destined to feel this way forever?! I feel so shallow."

I had a full on meltdown and run for the hills… or more specifically, I quit my job and started to volunteer at a dog shelter and work with animals.

I had an emergency sabbatical for my soul.

When I had the space to really reflect on all I had done in the industry, I felt like a failure. I felt like I had wasted all my energy for nothing. I spent every waking moment wondering would it ever “work out” for me?

I worked for no money, long hours, cranking and grinding all the way up the fashion ladder, and I did really well.

Except when I got there, the view wasn't what I hoped it would be.

Speed forward a couple of years to today and looking back, especially after an incredible recent meeting at British Vogue (stay tuned!), I got so emotional. After that meeting I cried and cried into my cup of tea at the Langham, naturally.

The entire time I was building my fashion career in London I felt so forgotten about by the world. I was working so hard and felt like a failure the whole time (even though on paper it looked great). I feared that it was never going to “work out” for me. That I would never get on my path.

Little did I realise I was on my path the entire time.

Your life is your path.

When I was back in the Vogue office I realised for the first time how far I had actually come. In spite of all the self-doubt, worry and self-sabotage …. it’s all come good. In fact, I’m exactly where I always wanted to be.

Everything I was doing was part of my path, leading me to exactly where I desired to be. Every job (the shitty ones included) were sacred.

All my work was and is sacred.

Don’t question your path or your work.

It doesn't matter if you're making cupcakes or teaching yoga.

Your work is sacred and holy, and you have always been on your divine path.