Is self-compassion the secret sauce?

You know by now that I'm all about service and aligned intention. 

I'm reorganising a lot of stuff with my business and team to support the upcoming transformation (becoming a mama), but one thing you can count on is a lot more writing from me.

I'm going to be posting regularly on my blog, and my various platforms including the Huff Post. Most recently, I've been invited by Thrive Global to start blogging over there as well. Exciting times! So stay tuned.... 

I want to dive straight into what’s come up over the past three and a half months of crazy change. It’s juicy.

As I move into motherhood, into a much deeper expansion of myself, into new realms of the heart space, soul space, and as my business continues to expand, the questions that kept coming up over, and over again are…

"How can I love myself more? How can I forgive and speak to myself more compassionately during all of this new-ness?”

I now know that if you’re birthing a business, a book, a personal transformation, a new career, a baby - giving life to anything requires a profound practice of self love and compassion.

You’re not meant to know “how to do it”, only that you will figure it out.

Yes, you will experience pain in the process, but anything worthwhile comes with a degree of discomfort.  

This has also led me to the idea that in a world where a vast majority of self-help and pseudo-spirituality has morphed into a form of entertainment rather than something to help us reconnect ourselves, perhaps the most enlightened form of self-help, is self-compassion?

You always, always have the answer you need.

You are your own guru. 

That's not to say go it alone, far from it.

Call in your tribe, build your village and lean into your community. I've got a core team of people I call on for support (mystics, mediums, massage therapists, mentors...). 

We are continually expanding and bringing forth new creations and experiences, and we need to allow ourselves to be supported for that. 

My hope is that, alongside allowing yourself to be supported, you love yourself deeply, have patience, and practice unconditional compassion inwards on your journey to whatever you desire. 

All love,
Emma x