Because, What You Worship Matters.

After I had a total retreat at Christmas (10 days with NO CONNECTION of any kind) I came back home clearer, rested and more connected than ever to myself, my intuition, source and my desires. 

When I walked back into our flat on the 2nd January the first thing I did was disconnect the TV and put it under the bed until I sold it before moving to the US.

I then replaced the space with an altar. I wanted to keep this communion and connection with myself going. My intuition was so clear and I had crystal clarity on what I needed to do next. 

I realised on this retreat that my time spent devoted to the iphone scrolling, the watching, the comparison, the hustling was misplaced worship. (Side note: A few years ago it would have been getting totally shit-faced at the weekends... that was my devotional practice!)

I really wanted to get back in communion with myself, my inner guidance. That voice had become barely a whisper and I was feeling lost. 

But, when I got rid of the TV (in a fit of rage!) it made me realise is that it was never about the TV or tech, it was about where my devotion was lying. 

I was devoting wayyyy too much time online rather than off, scrolling rather than reading books (paper, not digital, always), watching crap rather than meditating, comparing rather than following my intuition, hustling rather than allowing.

All this was pulling me further and further away from myself, so I changed it. 

Since January, when I got really conscious about my devotional practices, I've upped my meditation time, doubled my green juice intake, read loadssss more and I use airplane mode on my phone all the time.

I have complete control over what I give my attention to, and I'm responsible for everything in my life. 

So do you.

The benefits of all this reconnection? I'm manifesting a shit load of miracles every single day. 

What you worship matters, if you really want what you say you want.

So tell me this:

Where is your devotion going? 

What are you pouring your time and energy into that's moving you further away from what you really desire?

Journal these out for instant clarity. 

All Love,

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