The Hu$tle Will Fucking Kill You

I still remember what it was like...

Tap, tap, tap on my laptop and phone for hours and hours. I was hustling for clients constantly, because that's what I thought "success" looked like. I was the stressed out, busy burnout queen (because somewhere I picked up the belief that to earn money I had to kill myself). Sure, I was making great money in my business - but I wanted to scale. I couldn't DO any more than I already was.  

I wasted wayyyy to much time scrolling, which tripped me into a state of comparison. I found myself always drifting on to other peoples paths.  It was driving me further and further into self-doubt and overwhelm. Did I need to be on Instagram more? Maybe a YouTube channel. Pinterest?! 

Sound Familiar? 

Let me just say this, I understand. 

I understand what it feels like to have untapped potential burning a hole in you. 

I know the desire to share your message and mission with the world, to help others, to get more visible, to travel, to speak on stages, write a book and earn an abundant income that allows you to expand fully into the experience of life. I understand the frustration of feeling like I'll never be able to fulfil my calling AND make an incredible income without burnout so I can live the life of freedom I really desire. 

But perhaps, like me, a part of you believes that you can run your business from a place of ease and flow. In a way that nourishes you, inspires you and creates the abundance without burn out. That's why after the birth if my son, I finally said ENOUGH to overwhelm and burn out and committed to growing my business in a new way. 


What Happened Next? 

After the birth of my son I had a new found energy, and was on a mission to create a new way to keeping building my business.  I was no longer available to be totally stressed and constantly in a state of overwhelm AND guess what happened? I began to call in clients with total ease (I wasn't even trying!) 


It's because I got committed. I knew in my soul there had to be an easier way to grow my business and be a present mother. And it paid off. So, I'm here to tell your that you too can do the same in less than ten minutes a day! 


If you want to learn more about how I was able to achieve this, I've shared the exact steps I followed to ease, flow and abundance in my life and business (without the burnout and overwhelm) in the free audio masterclass I've created for you. You can get those exact steps by downloading the audio here. 


What I know to be true is this: You can be, do and have anything you desire, but you must be willing to take a massive leap out of your comfort zone (and off the meditation cushion!) Perhaps that's owing your unique message online, getting more visible on YouTube, writing for the Huff Post, teaching workshops. 


We are souls having a human experience, but to honour the soul, we must use these human bodies and TAKE ACTION!


You are meant to have and experience exactly what you truly desire. As I was up-leveling in my business last year using the Masterclass steps  I came to understand these three profound lessons around the way abundance in life and business works. 


If you're ready to welcome abundance into your life with ease and flow then understanding and implementing these miracles that are available to you will be essential!

The Three Miracles


7 steps blog post (1).png


Miracle One: Take radical responsibility for everything, good and bad, in your life. 

You and you alone are responsible for everything, good and bad, in your life right now. Everything. Once you fully internalise that and know that, you're then in the power seat of your own life. 


From this place you then have everything you need to create massive change in your present experience. You are a powerful creator, so powerful that you are able to manifest what you don't want, just as easily as what you do. 


When I began to actively work on my mindset on a daily basis, after a few days I began to notice how quickly I was able to flip the switch from lack to abundance, and from fear to love. It also helped me to remain totally centred in my message and mission, and most importantly, stay on my own path. 


Every day there are hundreds of new coaches, consultants and teachers setting up businesses' (which is awesome!) and sharing there offerings on social medial, however when you're in a place of fear and lack it can be very easy to start comparing yourself and trip into self-doubt. By protecting my belief systems and committing to a daily mindset practice I was able to get move past any challenges as they arose. 


What are you currently doing to take ownership of every single thing, good and bad, that's happening in your life right now so you can open yourself up to ease, flow and abundance?  


If you haven't committed to any daily mindset practices (which are different from meditating!) here are a few simple tasks that you can implement straight away. Head over to YouTube and check out the messages of Esther Hicks (channelled teachings of Abraham), Sonia Choquette or Mel Robbins. Commit to listening to at least 20 minutes of uplifting messages a day. I know this sounds really easy, but if you're consistent and do this, you will be amazed at what unfolds. 


Another thing you can do to start taking radical responsibility for the outcome of your life is by nurturing your mind with high vibe reading every day for at least 30 minutes. This is something that all the top six and seven figure entrepreneurs have in common. Just like mediation and daily mindset practice, they all READ every single day. Some great books I recommend to start with are The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Big Magic by Liz Gilbert or A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. 


Download my audio masterclass>>

End The Cycle of Procrastination, Take Action and Finally Put Yourself Out There! (And Skyrocket Your Sales In Less Than 10 Minutes a Day By Sharing Your Message!)



Miracle Two: Be a Dreamer and a Do-er. 


I want to share how I got started on my business journey. I'm sure you will see a similarity to your own! 


Before I finally got off the fence and launched my business I spent a long time signing up for loads of free offers online, and invested so much cash in self-study courses I never completed. Sound familiar?


I was also a compulsive scroller and Facebook group junkie (when I was meant to be working in my corporate job!). I was always dreaming and trying to mentally work out what it would be like to earn an income from my laptop while travelling the world. 


It wasn't long until I hit another cycle of burnout. 


I was working full time and trying to create a business on the side with no support. I was also investing $97 here and $197 there on trainings that I never used or implemented. (Yes - they add up very quickly. Have you ever calculated how much you’ve spent on those trainings with no return on the investment?) 


So, I was faced with a big decision. I had to invest at a much higher level in my business or quit. 


Now, bearing in mind I was already in debt the thought of creating more debt seemed insane. But I was in burnout and complete overwhelm AGAIN. I also hated spending hours online trying to figure out my business alone. Like you, I’m really sensitive to tech and information overload. I wanted someone to take me by the hand and lead me through proven steps required to grow my business and make it financially viable so I could let go of this expensive hobby! 


I did not have the investment I needed to invest in my first coach. I was already in debt, but I made it happen. Because, if you want something bad enough you’ll always find the cash. #Truth. 


Then a miracle occurred the instant I pressed Pay Now and invested in myself. I finally began to take my business and my dreams seriously - then so did the Universe. 


Within six months I had my first breakthrough and my first HUGE cash month. I became a dreamer and a do-er. Aligned action takes precedence. Every. Single. Time.  


So here’s your call to action lovely...

What can do right now, from where you’re sitting, with all the incredible gifts and skills you already possess to move the needle in your business? What’s your intuition telling you? (It’s usually the first thing you think of). Write it on a post-it, stick it to your computer, and do > that > next! 

This is what taking aligned action is all about, it also creates so much ease and flow in your life and business. If you want to ditch the cycles of overwhelm and burnout in your business then listen to my free masterclass I took to lead me back to following my intuition to doing what was right for me and my business. 


Miracle Three: Choose feelings over visions!


Manifest Anything you Desire (1).png

I have a lot of women who come to me for support and are working really hard on building their businesses, but they are still struggling to tap into the right approach to scale in a way that feels good (because right now they are exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out!). 


They are doing their mindset work, journaling, self-care etc but after we unpack things I find out that they are leaving out another vital step. 


Focusing on their feelings. 


Feelings are incredibly powerful to bring you into the vibrational alignment with what you desire. They work like a magnet, drawing what you want towards you (faster than focusing on your visions!). 


You’re feelings are so powerful, you can also attract what you don't desire as well. 


Have you ever started the day off wrong? Maybe you neglect your self care and had an unhealthy breakfast or forgot to meditate. Then you feel gross and low vibe, before you know it you are in an argument with your partner for no reason?


You’re then cruising on a downward spiral for the entire day, and if you're not aware weeks can slip by like this. 


I was in this spiral for 4 years (!!!) before I hit rock bottom in 2012 and had to rebuild my life from the ground up. I know what it’s like to turn your back on your feelings, deny your desires and the destruction that brings to your life. 


As a result of perfecting my manifesting skills, I'm now happy to say that I'm living my dreams. I get to work from my laptop with women all over the world who are no longer available to deny their feelings and desires, they are ready to unapologetically take everything they want off the table. 


I want you to take a minute and start thinking about how you currently feel and where you want to be a year from now?

Where are you? Are you happy? How do you look and feel in your body? Do you feel abundant? Do you feel at ease? 


If being stuck in the same place this time next year is not an option for you, I want you to download my free audio masterclass>> 


End The Cycle of Procrastination, Take Action and Finally Put Yourself Out There! (And Skyrocket Your Sales In Less Than 10 Minutes a Day By Sharing Your Message!)


Pick a quiet moment when you won't be interrupted and have a listen, then follow the steps. 


There is no “secret” to creating the life and business you desire, these are all things I've done; it's a tried and tested path that works. 


Remember, if you do what works, manifest in the right way and commit to implementing like a boss -  you can BE, DO and HAVE anything you desire. 


Download my audio masterclass>>

End The Cycle of Procrastination, Take Action and Finally Put Yourself Out There! (And Skyrocket Your Sales In Less Than 10 Minutes a Day By Sharing Your Message!)


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