Emma Tynan
Emma Tynan
Mindset and Business Coach for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs


6 month // 1:1 VIP coaching program



You're a #SpiritualBossBabe™ who has really big dreams, but I want to ask you something...


  • Are you out of alignment with your true business mission?
  • Do you want to make wayyyy more money in your business?
  • Do you feel obligated or tired of giving your services away for free or almost free?
  • Are you really intimated by getting visible, speaking your truth and sharing your gifts with the world?
  • Does your business feel more like a hobby sometimes rather than a living, breathing vehicle for creating change in others lives?

If I hear you say "hell yes!" to one or more of the above, then I've handmade this program for you!

#truthbomb...Business is a Spiritual Game.

after working together you can look forward to:

  • Crystal clarity on your mission and your message.
  • Calling in dream clients and customers you adore.
  • Unblocking your path to effortless abundance (more cash, time & freedom!).
  • Selling fearlessly (goodbye invoicing anxiety!) and serve your ideal clients or customers with ease.
  • Calling in your tribe and community who want to hear what you have to say (and buy what you sell!).
  • Getting high-level mentorship so you can make more money and impact in the world. 


Ready to get started?

Emma- what a beautiful soul she is. Not only does she omit love and light into the world, she also has an amazing ability to show you parts of yourself that crave to be healed.

If you want to start making money and live a happy and purposeful life while doing so, Emma is your gal!

Her passion for helping women make more money and feel empowered is through the roof .

Emma will help you clear any money blocks that have prevented you from earning your true money desires in the past.

She is someone you want in your corner, if you want make money and live a great life!

Sarah, Happiness Coach, Oregon, USA

Your Coaching Programme 

As unique as you and your desires

Directly after you sign up and before we begin our 1:1 calls, I will send you my signature Welcome Packet to complete. This is an extensive working document from which we will create your personalised coaching programme. Below are a list of topics which we may cover when working together. This is a totally individual process, so for some it may be 3 months on just manifesting, for others a mix of everything. It's just depends on what we decide.


Manifest Miracles

  • Learn my secrets to manifest anything you want (love, money, clients... whatever!)
  • Create a new set of beliefs about what's possible for your life (that's anything!!)
  • Stay in the zone of manifesting and learn how to do it! 
  • Bust any limiting beliefs and blocks to what's holding you back.
  • Understand and implement new techniques for a rock solid mindset. 

Wealth Consciousness

  • Bust through your money blocks to create consistent income in your biz!
  • Uplevel your financial frequency to bossbabe status
  • Transform your relationship with money so it becomes a spiritual practice! 
  • Drop all your limiting beliefs around "not having enough" 
  • Never undercharge again! 

Freedom Frameworks

  • Get your day running like a well oiled spiritual bossbabe empire
  • Say farewell to overwhelm and hello to productivity
  • Establish a lasting daily routine for deep focus to help you achieve more in less time 
  • Learn all about outsourcing so you can grow your empire (I'll show you how to do it in a really affordable way!)  

Your Mission & message

  • Learn the art of storytelling to connect and convert you audience
  • Find your big 'Why?' and leverage it in your marketing
  • Craft a message that totally YOU and so your ideal clients will only want to work with you 


  • Learn how to sell with ease zero fear! 
  • Lean about spiritual sales and how to sell from a place of deep service
  • Never feel "salesy" again!
  • Confidently talk about your services and prices and sell high end produces and services


Your Unique LIght

  • Discover your unique blend of light and learn how to work it in your biz so you stand out
  • Hone in on your unique skills and gifts, and package them in a way your ideal clients will love!
  • Overcome your visibility fear around working your light and coming out of the spiritual closet 


Call in your Tribe

  • Call in your people who will ADORE you for being you!
  • Get to the core of their hopes and dreams so you can serve them on a deep and meaningful level. 
  • Start a Facebook community of loving supporters 


Your Ideal Client

  • Work out your ideal client and learn how to speak to her
  • Work out your target market and get to the heart of their desires, needs, hopes and dreams.
  • Craft your language and learn how to speak to your ideal clients
  • Understand why speaking to ONE is so important to speak to many


Let's Get Visible!

  • Get visible online and not be terrified!
  • Incorporate video into your marketing and message to connect with your ideal clients 
  • Photoshoot prep! Learn how to organise your personal branding shoot and be totally you! 




ARE YOU READY TO START building your empire?


“Emma is a brilliant lightworker, coach and woman.

Her gifts in messaging and storytelling allow her to help her clients take their big, scary ideas and turn them into content that communicates honestly and powerfully. If you’re a spiritual boss babe looking for a mentor to guide you in life and confidence, Emma is your girl.

She is deeply caring and loving, yet she can encourage you to take action in areas where you need that extra push. If you work with this woman, magical things will happen for you!”

Erika Sheffer - Seven Figure Online Business Strategist  

I never make a decision without speaking to Emma...whether that is how to create the job I LOVE,  how to turn my business from £12000 a year to £62000 a year or whether to rescue a stray dog from Cyprus.  

I chose to work with Emma because of her out of the box thinking and passion to make things happen.

My biggest breakthrough from working with Emma was changing my attitude from 'I can't get paid for what I love doing' to 'I will get paid my true worth for something I love doing and that I can be financially stable in the wellness profession'.

No matter what Emma cut through the crap and said things like they were. She never told me what to do, simply led me to the answer and made me realise my true worth.

Claire, Health and Wellness Expert, London, UK.


Six month // 1:1 VIP Private Mentorship Programme


The finer details

- (1) 30 minute Complimentary Clarity Call.
- (12) 60 minute transformational coaching sessions (via Skype or by phone) 

There's more!

  • E-mail support between sessions. It's for the days when you need a little extra love and support. 
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for my 1:1 clients.
  • Downloads of all our call recordings, so you can listen back and take more notes. 
  • Supporting materials including done-for-you sales scripts, financial planners, worksheets, reading lists, questionnaires and resource guides.
  • Loads of support and love, and my personal commitment to help you create anything you want! 


Pay in full Investment: $10,000

*Payment Plan Available



more client love...


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 17.21.55.png

"I actually cannot believe the impact this has had on my life already. I immediately felt a sense of wealth, increased belief in myself to go out and create change and build my dreams. Emma taught me to expand my mindset and declare what I want, openly and with deep faith and I have experience the major shifts that has come with that inner change of gear."

Ariadne, Yoga Instructor & Life Coach, London, UK.

Hey love - 

I totally get what your feeling right now. 

Your mind is jumping all over the place and your mean girl is going cray-cray, but your heart, oh your heart is still yearning to bring those dreams into the world.

That's the thing to remember about dreams - they are just that and will stay in your heart and head, unless you take fierce inspired action to make them your reality. 

You are worthy of abundant wealth, freedom and a business and life that sets your soul on fire. But you must be willing to take a leap of faith into the darkness of the unknown to make it happen

Remember, it's your Light, not your darkness that most frightens you. 

But that's why I'm here, to help you courageously work that light, with guidance, instruction and support so you can start living a new reality. 

If you're finally ready to do the work, shine your light, study from the best, establish a rockin' freedom framework and have faith in the process. Then let's do this! 

Emma Tynan-037.jpg

Everything you want is on the other side of your fear.

so Let's do this