Emma Tynan
Emma Tynan
Business Coach and Entrepreneur

 business strategist and leadership Coach

It's Time To Finally Speak Your Truth. 

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you're done with hiding,

playing small, lurking in the shadows and hanging out behind your gorgeous branding.

you want to be real. Most of all, you really just want to be


I'm here to tell you that it's time to drop perfectionism and procrastination,


 Time to end feeling terrified about being vulnerable and real on video,


time to stop censoring yourself and worrying what "they'll think" when you start speaking your truth (and up your rates!)


I'm going to help you stop getting in your own way and playing small to make other people feel comfortable.

most importantly, before we begin,

I want you to remember that speaking...

Your Truth is The Most Important Tool You Have.

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Hi. I'm Emma.

let's cut straight to the chase...

i've always known i was here to make a massive impact in the world

(and I'm pretty sure you feel the same way) 

That's why I became an entrepreneur and left the world of corporate behind. 

(Actually, I was a lemonade stall kid. So being my own boss has always been my jam)

Mediocre is dull and freedom is EVERYTHING. 

So why did I start my coaching business?

To empower high-level women entrepreneurs to share their voices and wisdom in a MUCH bigger way.

To help them be conduits for a global change for good. 

To teach you about the importance of leadership and wealth creation as a way of turning your businesses into vehicle for social change.

Your Voice Matters.


Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

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Your TIME is NOW