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I've got a bold question for you.

Are you still hiding from those who really need you?


Even though you're an highly educated, full of wisdom, been through shizzzz, passionate-about-what-you- do kinda gal?


I get it.


You'ed rather have a duvet day than do a Facebook live? ...Or perhaps organise your sock drawer, than sell your stuff?


You're ((((TERRIFIED)))) of being truly visible.

Allowing yourself (and soul) to be seen and heard.



But, I also know that the message you have is burning a hole inside of you. You feel called to share it in a global way, but you don't know how to do it in a way that feels like - well - YOU.

It hit me two weeks ago, when I was unloading the dishwasher. The one thing that skyrockets your success .....It's so simple, but yet so scary. Ready for it?


Allowing yourself to be truly seen.


Allowing the world to get to know you, the real you.

Letting them hear the reason you do, what you do.




You've never done that fully, but you *know* that getting out there in a much bigger way is the next step. 


You've done alllllllllll the courses (probably spent thousands on your education). Qualifications. Meditations. You've saged the shizzzz out of your aura. You've got crystals in your handbag and your bra.


And dreams... you've got so many BIG dreams of how you want to impact the lives of millions for the better with your unique gifts. You want to make them a reality, like NOW.


Here's the deal...


Now is your time to go from dreamer >> to DO-ER.


2018 is the year of actualisation and I'm holding the space for you.


You're going to take the massive action inside my brand new mastermind...




I'm guiding 7 Women ONLY

(because seven is the seeker of Truth)


This is where you'll take your gifts and go Global.


By the end of our time together you'll:


💎 - Be speaking your Truth with confidence, clarity and attracting raving fans with ease and flow.

💎 - You'll finally allow yourself to be seen and create the impact you so deeply desire to make in their lives (You just really want to help others. I know. That's why I got you!)

💎 - You'll start to create a legacy for your family, not just a life (and business) on your terms.

💎 - You'll have rock solid confidence (because you'll have finally tapped into what ONLY YOU CAN DO! That will skyrocket your confidence)

💎 - You'll be owing your skills and worth (no more freebies!). Because your net-worth = your self-worth.

💎 - You'll be rocking your FB Lives and selling like a PRO (because spiritual boss babes know that selling is really serving ;) )

💎 - You'll have a rock-solid mindset (and for the days you wobble I'm on hand to support you). Because winning in business is 80% mindset, 20% massive action. Really.


So what does it look like?

You, Me and six other women committed to changing their lives and the lives of others. 


>> It's 4 months of massive action (no workbooks, alllllll doing). Less really is so much more.

>> Weekly Group Calls, Private FB community, full access to my group program The #SpiritualBossBabe™ School (value $2000).

BONUSES (for the women who enrol before 24th December)
>> (x2) 60 minute intensive coaching session with me (value $1000)
>> A ticket to my Live event in London, The Power is Purpose (value $220) 


The no-brainer investment?


This is how you get in the doors >>>

Step 1 >> Invest (after you agree to the Terms and Conditions of purchase )


Step 2 > Request access to the private FB group HERE and let’s rock this out (first steps will light a fire 🔥 in your belly before we start 💫 ) 

Wanna talk about it? Just grab a space in my diary below. 

See you inside - 

Love 💕 
Emma x