Essential Oils + Freedom Business Opportunity


There’s another way to work with me AND build a business.


This is your opportunity to build a freedom based biz, spread light and step into a role of creativity, empowerment and leadership.


It's for wellness loving #SpiritualBossBabes that desire to build a business aligned with their lifestyle desires and soul purpose!  


This business, which I run alongside my coaching practice, has completely transformed my life (I know that’s an overused phrase, but it has. It really, really has.)


Every day I’m so utterly grateful that I said "YES" to joining a community of women who feel more like family than business partners, that I have 100% non-toxic natural solutions to look after my body and home, that I have the freedom to work from anywhere and use my unique light to share this with others.


Sharing and support. That’s what this business is all about.


We don’t sell. We inspire and support. We drop truth bombs, ignite inspiration and creativity, offer a chance for empowerment and freedom. So, don’t worry for a second about sounding “salesly”, that's not our bag. 


Are you able to sit, listen and support other women?

Do you feel moved to educate others on health and wellbeing? 

Then, you got this!


I started this business in September 2015 and now it’s bringing an extra income stream into my biz and life. More money, so I can give more of myself and share more of my truth with the world.


But, I’ve got HUGE dreams, and more than that I've got HUGE DREAMS FOR YOU! 


 What would financial abundance and freedom to work from anywhere allow you to achieve?


See, this business is about so much more than supporting others and making money. It’s a vehicle to completely transform your life, start a movement and then help other women do the same.


Now - I’d like to show you how I’m building this movement, not just for me but for all of us....

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So What’s the opportunity?


:: Sharing high quality essential oil wellness products. 


:: Supporting and helping others.


:: It’s about sharing natural health and wellness solutions within your community.


:: It’s about building your own lightworking tribe of wellness warriors!


:: It’s about committing to personal development and getting out of your comfort zone and committing to uplevel in your life. (Weekly coaching sessions from me!)


:: It’s about creating a residual income stream and committing to getting financially abundant and free!


Sound good? Keep reading...


The LightWorking Biz Mentorship ProgramME


What’s included?

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:: I’ll provide 1:1 support and weekly calls to support you to launch your business, as well as access to calls with 6 & 7 figure earners in company.

:: World class business training developed by a  7 figure earner in the biz!

:: A private facebook community where you can get support from an incredible tribe of other women building their businesses. We are all in this together after all!

:: You’ll be partnered with an accountability #SoulSister.  She will offer you more support and keep you on track to reach your goals. Because is the secret sauce to success! 




This mentorship program is free. Yep. To join my team and receive my mentorship will cost you nothing. All you have to do to get started is open your wholesale account with a starter kit and I’ll mentor you for free. For more info click here.


This is not for you if:

:: You are not interested in natural health and wellness for you and your family.

:: You are not willing to do personal development.

:: You are not willing to invest time in training and travelling to conventions with your team and I.

:: You are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and commit to change.

:: You are not willing to use natural products for your body and home.

:: You are not interested in creating a residual income and creating financial freedom.

This is for you if:

:: You want to create real change in your life.

::  You desire vibrant, natural health and wellness solutions.

::  You want to create a residual stream of financial abundance.

:: You dream of a location freedom biz that you're willing to do the work for.

:: You want to get out of your comfort zone and step into leadership.

If you're a “Hell YES!! This IS for me!”then I’d love to work with you!

Send me an message here and let's chat!


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If you're your super keen, you can go straight to my diary and book a call with me here.

Can't wait to speak gorgeous!

All Love,

Emma xo