Emma Tynan
Emma Tynan
Intuitive Business Coach for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

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Before we go any further...

I'd like to share a story with you. 


In 2012 I made a fierce decision about my life.

The kind of decision that was going to change the entire direction of it. 

It was this.

My single focus would be to remember my soul purpose and work my Light. 

In other words, I got so committed about discovering what I was meant to be doing with my life (and building a business around it), nothing was going to stand in my way. 

And, here it is.

What was once a thought, is now my success coaching business for fierce spiritual women who want more joy, love, freedom and money!

Maybe you feel the way I did back then? 

And you're ready to start working your unique Light in the world and making money (or lot's more of it!). 

You've got the whole world to Light up. 

So, let's get started...

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